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Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, Gives Back to Greensboro

May 24, 2018

The primary purpose and mission of Paul Mengert’s AMG (Association Management Group) is to train those who work with homeowners’ associations how to be more effective and serve the homeowners, or customers, to a greater degree. Of course, Paul Mengert and AMG are also committed to making their surrounding community of Greensboro, North Carolina much better for everyone. Paul believes strongly in giving back in every way he can.

It’s why Paul Mengert established in his hometown to begin with. In recent years, Paul Mengert and AMG have been deeply involved in activities designed to boost the underserved in their community. For instance, there was the time they helped to run a successful food drive with the purpose of benefiting Greensboro Urban Ministry. Of course, there is more to helping a community feed the hungry, so Paul Mengert, as AMG leader, tries to boost the local economy. In recent years, more than fifty local companies have sent their executives to a Management Development Program Paul Mengert, AMG leader helped establish among the many graduates of Harvard Business School who live in the area. Among these corporations have included Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Carolina CAT, CC. Dickson Co., Duke Energy, Microsoft, Pfizer, and now, Paul Mengert’s AMG.

For Paul Mengert, AMG’s participation in valuable programs like these is based on his love of teaching, which in turn is based on his love of learning. He believes learning is what has made him a successful executive. The best part of the program, from Paul Mengert and AMG’s perspective, is the extent to which it benefits local charities, even as it makes the local economy healthier.